A Kolkata Birthday

A birthday is a birthday, until you do something different than before 🙂

The morning began bright and early once again at 5:30 as I got up to take a bucket shower. We left our fifth story flat and took an auto then a bus to Mother Teresa’s where all the volunteers eat a simple breakfast of biscuits, bananas, and chai before heading out to the different places we serve.  Each morning, we say a group prayer, sing a song, and then another song for the last day volunteers.  Today, they also sang happy birthday to me which was amazing!  The majority of volunteers are from Asia, South America, and Europe and it is fun to see them all sing in English.  We went on our ways as the metal gates opened and the garage door lifted up.

As I walked past the ladies at Prim Dam, I stopped to say hello to the lady I have spent the majority of my time with there.  She smiled as she looked into my eyes and then kept saying something.  After asking a few people what she was saying, I learned that she was calling me very beautiful.  This warms my heart for who knows the last time someone took the time to sit down with her and make her feel valued.  She is more beautful than I.  After the first day of messaging her hands/feet/scalp/back, the second day she started to rub my hands and although she couldn’t really do much, it was a beautiful site.

After volunteering, we headed home for lunch and had tasty grilled cheese.  I took a very needed nap and later played the guitar which was soothing for the soul.  While Beth made italian food for dinner, I worked on my Bangla pronunciation.  When someone from the team walked into the room and smelled the garlic bread, they would thank me for having a birthday since we get to choose the birthday dinner.  I told them I would tell my mom thanks for them 🙂

After dinner, we had a talk about what the scriptures had to say about the poor.  There was one passage in particular that stood out as an encouragement for those of us who are serving the poor.  God has some pretty intense feelings and thoughts towards those who are wicked. 

After that, Beth, Kyle, and Kelsi who live here full time came in with a candle and ice cream while singing happy birthday… made me smile.  Beth gave me a beautiful blue/green journal and Kelsi handed over a Kit Kat.  Chocolate is tasty when it doesn’t come around very often.   We ended the night with sweet conversation and then went to bed around 10pm

Overall, it was  a grand birthday and I’m excited to see what next year’s might bring forth as well 🙂


One thought on “A Kolkata Birthday

  1. Becka Lehman says:

    You are so awesome Sandi Giver! It was fun to read your Birthday post and see you in my mind talking to this woman who called you beautiful. It was almost like talking with you on the phone as we chatted on facebook last night!

    Missing you!


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