India in May

Has to be one of the hottest places to be.  After language on Sunday, the weather outside was almost like pre-tornado with the heavy winds and then pouring rain a few minutes later.  When we headed to the metro to go home, it was amazing.  It had cooled off like a warm Alaskan day, the plants looked greener, and the air almost seemed clean.  If every day in India was like that, I could totally stick around.

Oh, India.  Last week on my date with the servant team leader, she said how I seemed to be a lot happier and it was true.  After a lot of suckage, somehow I seem to be smiling a lot more.

Some good stuff has been happening.  WMF just got the keys for the second building for Sari Bari which has been a prayer for like 8 months.  On Tuesday while making visits to the brothels, we stopped by while men were replacing the gate.  Please be praying for the women who will be working there, the suspicion of brothel owners and the union, that God will protect the westerner’s and that the landlord wont raise the price of rent because he see’s white people there.  The business is right in the middle of the darkest area where a lot are trafficked in from Nepal and also where the youngest girls are.  The women in the area that are in relationship with people here have been talking about leaving the sex industry though and  asking about when they can start at the new Sari Bari.  The new building needs a lot of love and care and manual labor.  Friday, we are helping clean it out.  Here are the before shots of the location:

It’s been amazing to go to the red light area with our leader.  When we speak to the women, you can tell  Beth brings a peace and joy.  Once, we sat on the rooftop of a brothel where a few people were watching TV, a mom was bathing her child, and we sat with a man and woman and two small children.  I personally like hanging out with the kids and making silly faces AND you don’t have to know Bangla to do that.  It was interesting to see the family dynamic played out between everyone there.  It was early enough in the day that the women hadn’t started working and everyone was doing normal day activities.  They talked about the hot hot heat and how it isn’t normal for it to be this hot, politics (which is exciting with the fact that a grassroots lady may beat out the communist guy for the first time in 30 years), and you would have never known what line of work the women were in.  They love each other, take care of a child when he’s crying, and joke around like anyone else.  Sometimes, it sucks knowing that the women use their bodies to make a living.  I pray and hope that more women will be able to find freedom through organizations and whatnot like WMF.  The   counseling and conversations about self worth and dignity would be difficult after such torment and twisted thought pattern.  Oh, goodness.

The girls and I are staying in town the next couple of nights which means free internet.  I’ve been writing in my journal about the books we’ve been reading and will hopefully get to share those.  It’s hot.  I’m gonna go…


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