I saw a Monkey! Well, more like 30 of them…

India Ladies Cooler air that you don’t feel like you are swimming through…

Mountain ranges full of green and little houses…

Showers where you control the water temp… what is that?   Only in our guest house.

People that physically look like a mixture of Indian, Asian, and Eskimo (makes me think of Alaska)…

Sweet winter hats and jackets which makes me want to live somewhere coldish just so I have an excuse to buy things.

A time to relax.  In India, we are constantly on the go in the heat.  All of us have felt rather tired and I think part of it is that when you leave a situation, that’s when your body tends to feel the stress and weakness that it has tried to hide.  We have the afternoons off which has allowed us to rest or do a little roaming.  Tomorrow, we leave at 6:30am for Pokorah which is a lake surrounded by mountains.  Oh, it is beautiful.

Since being here, we have gone to a group home for 6 elderly ladies, a home where a couple have taken in another 8 young girls to add to their own, an eco village that does a lot but we hung out with the mentally/physically disabled kids, and also another Missionaries of Charity place that is like Prem Dan in India but much much smaller. I’ll admit it- I love group homes.  Not bad ones where the staff are only there because they need a paycheck, but the ones where the staff really care about the residents and love them like family.  The ability to go through rough times together, discus books about relevant topics to the situation, seeing people grow and become more mature.  It would be sweet to go somewhere, like South Africa, and work in a house like Nesting Doves or one for young girls that are in prostitution or who knows.  God is in control and I’m sure he’s got something sweet up his sleeve.

Eco Village

Other than enjoying the gorgeous mountains and culture, I’m enjoying spending time with the Nepal team and seeing what they do.  One nice thing about here is not having to worry about the intense perversion of men.  The Nepal girls have made male/female friendships with their families that they eat dinner with each night.  They feel a lot safer here than in India when it comes to men.  Speaking of safety… the prime minister stepped down last week and there have been large gathering of people lately.  We couldn’t leave one of the homes because the roads were closed for three hours until a group of 30,000 people went into a park to gather.  Last week were the elections in India and we missed all the riots and whatnot on Saturday since that’s when we flew out… still don’t exactly know the results…

Anyways, I have to get going.  Hope all is well with everyone…


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