Cyclone 101

Be somewhere safe.  Not walking the streets in the midst of it all.

broken umbrella

Well, had I been informed that there was a cyclone in town, I would have stayed home.  I didn’t.  I headed out of the house around 11am with only the sky drizzling on my umbrella.  By the time I got to Park street around 12:30pm, the wind was crazy.  I looked up at the intersection at this giant billboard and saw that the canvas was laying on some power lines… and then metal sheets were crashing to the sidewalk right next to where I needed to go.  I lived.  The darn wind broke my umbrella so I got extremely soaked.


Within a two minute time span of one of the guys on the team walking down a street and when I did, a giant tree fell on two cars.  Luckily, he and I walked together to find out that the business was closed and just had to return back home.  A lady we know saw an auto rickshaw driver get killed by a tree.  Not the safest day.  The bus on the way home had to turn around and then we just stood there for about 45 minutes.  I read.  A World Without Poverty… good book.  Now the cover has a messed up outside where I placed  my fingers to grab it and the soaked cover came with it.  Who would have thought a cyclone was coming?

In other news, Wednesday morning brought about a few great conversations.  Other than seeing amazing volunteer girls that I hadn’t seen in awhile, I met a new people.  They are here with a YWAM school thing.  I was putting away my bags when Elise, the leader, just happened to be in the room.  Her group was in Cape Town, South Africa, studying before coming to India… I was fascinated.  Hearing her talk about what they do, the people they minister to, the need… was brilliant.  They have such a need with young females.  Later, I talked with one of the guys in the group that has lived in South Africa his whole life.  “You will love the culture, the beauty, the people… everything!”  Such a desire to go…

I have to catch the bus back to the village and should have left five minutes ago…  Lator Tators!


One thought on “Cyclone 101

  1. Sandi,

    What an exciting experience! It reminded me of the monsoons in Japan when I was a kid. There was massive rains, flooding, and very high winds. One of them ripped the entire roof off the high school down the street, what a mess. When I first opened this page the first picture of you with the water didn’t completely download, only the top three-fourths. It looked like you were up to your waist in water! Your caption was correct, “A good day to stay home.” When I reloaded it showed the whole thing, whew! You weren’t swimming in it.
    A woman was at our church speaking to the youth last week. She works in India in the area with the women and children prostitutes to help them get out of the lifestyle. I didn’t get to talk to her. I am not sure if it was the same organization you work with or another. I don’t even know her name. I could probably find out though.
    I am so excited that the Lord sent people from South Africa, just for you. Well not exactly just for you, but He did send them for you to talk with. I LOVE how He works sometimes! He is so AMAZING!!
    How much longer will you be in India? Are you coming back to Alaska this summer to work or what are your plans? If you do we will have to meet up again, and more often than last year. I love you Sandi. Take care of yourself and all the precious ones He sends your way.

    Patti Morrow

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