Everyone enjoys a little reminder of home. If you would like to send mail, I can be reached here the first 10 weeks or so.  Once training is completed and have been sworn in as an official PC volunteer, I’ll update with the new address.

Sandi Giver, Peace Corps

 Trainee P.O. Box 29348

 Kampala, Uganda

Some tips:

  1. Write “AIR MAIL” and/or “PAR AVION” on mail.
  2. Keep packages smaller and send padded envelopes when possible.
  3. Don’t be overly descriptive on the customs forms. DVDs can be “educational material,” and foodstuffs can be “nutritional goods.” Reduce the temptation for someone to open it.  “School supplies” is way less tempting than “external hardrive with amazing music and DVDs” 
  4. Mail can take at least 3 weeks to reach me, packages 1-2 months so start planning ahead 🙂
  5. Number all your letters so I know I’ve received them all.
  6. It’s best not to send money or valuables in mail… while in India, a girls mom sent her retainer and it was replaced with a book on computers somewhere in the line… as well as only 2 chocolate bars out of 4 sent.
  7. Write your address somewhere so I can send you something in return. I’ll tell you something crazy about life in Uganda.

Here are a few ideas for packages:

  • New Music- indie rock, folk, I really like about anything that has a good sound to it…
  • Photos- of us, things you are up to, random photos of silly things to make me smile
  • Magazines- photography, Psychology Today, maybe a girly gossip/fashion one for kicks and giggles. Articles about how to style your hair without electricity
  • Books by say Rob Bell, Shane Claiborne, anything that you think is pretty spiffy and thought provoking
  • Dried fruit, nuts, beef jerky (teriyaki)
  •  “Add water” types of food that are easy to make 
  • granola bars, Granola cereal (banana nut in the orangish box but maybe one of the other types since I’ll be having bananas a lot)
  • Cookies, oreos, candies that aren’t too meltable and if they are, in a ziplock bag 
  • Condiment little things of ketchup, jelly, mayo, (I don’t like mustard). 
  • Little things of coffee, tea, or flavor water things.

One thought on “Mail!

  1. Aunt B says:

    Thanks for the address on you. The grandkids and I will work on a goodie box for you. They are all back in school.


    Aunt B

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