Pader Address

The new address is:

Sandi Giver, Friends of Orphans

POBox 60

Pader, Uganda

You know how church’s will have the little slots for church members to pick up papers?  That’s kinda what our post office looks like.  I would still send big packages and any valuables to the Kampala address.  Someone from our northern group goes down there about every other week so it isn’t too bad.  Thank you so much for the mail people have sent so far!  I have a somewhat routine now.  Writing on the ledge of the hut while watching the sunset is something I’m going to do more often.  It took three months to start writing in India… I’m about on schedule 🙂

Tonight, Katherine and I are headed to the real frigid north to Kitgum to see volunteers there.  Work has been crazy busy with deadlines on certain things.  Students leave in the next couple of weeks and I really need to use PACA tools with them before that.  I’m staying sane.  I get sleep twice a week when the disco hall across the street isn’t playing music on Monday and Tuesday.  Sunday, I read half of the book Ending Slavery and drank a french vanilla cappacino while doing so.  Splendid.  That evening, I made a laptop sleeve out of local fabric with umbrellas on it.  It’s adorable.  Drew and Bina brought Mangos with them yesterday to Pader so I’m going to enjoy that juicy tastiness when I get home.  Have a good night and I hope to hear from you soon.  🙂


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