Hey, Look! She’s still alive!

  When you live in a small little place, the taste of a Mocha is like heaven on earth.  Thankfully, Kampala has a few places with good coffee. 

 One of the highlights during training were the birthday celebrations when groups of us would go out and have a jolly ol time 🙂

 Great thing about making stove’s is that you get to destroy, or cut, a ton of grass into tiny little pieces…

 Language emmersion in Gulu… late nights on the 5th floor veranda sipping wine and thinking of all sorts of ridiculous things to say… group bonding, right?

 Only one rolex stand in the big city of Gulu?  What?  Although the insurgency lead the guy on the right to leave school after Primary 3, he knows excellent English and is a pastor in the area.  Getting out there and talking to people was quite interesting. 

 I spent 10 weeks with Ruth and Chris while in Training in Wakiso.  Good ‘ol family.  Cross Cultural trainer Shirly and Ted, Uganda’s newest Country Director, are on the right.

This photo, taken at the Kampala museum, was supposed to be a joke.  “Hey, Martha!  Let’s take a photo in front of the hut just like the ones we’ll get sent to! hehehehe”… and then it became my reality.


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