Off To A New Start…

Over the past few weeks, exciting things have been happening.  A new organization, new people, sites to see, celebrations to be had.

After 4 months of living amongst the people he has learned to love, Curtis is heading back to Canada.  On Saturday, we celebrated his time here with dancing by different groups, such as the women’s group above.  Before anyone arrived in the compound though, Curtis slaughtered his very first goat.  Watching the video afterwards was rather disturbing.  I saw the knife/dagger, and it could have been a lot sharper to make it easier.

And in less than a week, the Canadian Duo will be down to One.  It’s been a good time while it’s lasted.

This little lady is enjoying her Curtis slaughtered goat meat.

And this kid is enjoying the fresh air and his balloon.

While these were the items used to perform throughout the day.

That is, until around 6:30pm when it was time to be on your way…

And as I walk home, I walk through tall grass and thatch roof huts.  Curious faces greeting me along the way.

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve started working again but now at Christian Counselling Fellowship.  While talking to the Headteacher out at the school, her biggest item for me to work on were the handling of outside visitors and making their time at the school more conducive to the school timetable without the interruptions of learning.  I’ll also be working with the daycare providers on work ethics and hygiene, the girls on relationships with each other and also with the men in their lives, teaching computers to the teachers, organize data, and going out to the fields to visit students.  Oh, and bake with the catering and hotel management students.

Last Thursday, we went to a burial of a staff member’s mother.  By looking at the crowd, I could tell she was a hardworking village woman that was respected by many.  Although I could only understand the words being said occasionally, I could sense the loss and love of this lady. 

On the brighter side, a group of us have been hanging out more and it’s been simply delightful.  I went over to my friend Mary’s house and she cooked a delicious meal and made amazing mango/pineapple/orange juice.  My attempt later on in the week didn’t fair as well but I’ll improve.  Dinner at Alices, Bible study at EI, Movie night at Fiona’s, Pimped out Rolex’s at my house, going away party, Curtis singing and Terry preaching at church Sunday… well, things are looking up 🙂


One thought on “Off To A New Start…

  1. Mom says:

    So glad things are finally coming together. CCF sounds like a great fit. You will be busy doing things you love to do. The pictures are so wonderful. They help us have a better “picture” of life in Pader. Love You, Girl!

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