Finally Coming Together!

7 months after swearing in, things are slowly starting to come together!  Soccer with the neighborhood kiddos and life skills with PGA students…

 This week, a guy at the stationary shop was able to find a needle to fill my soccer ball.  When I attempted to gather a group of kids to play with it, I could only find one of the “lost boys” (Peter Pan reference which consists of 8 boys under the age of 10 that live in huts around next to my compound and are always excited to greet me… especially the time I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and shared with them).  He was sleeping and his mother woke him up since she saw that I had a ball.  He held my right hand tiredly as we walked down the street, his right hand trying to get the sleepy’s out of his eyes.  After walking a few minutes down the road where he said a boy named Lacar was, I turned around as I heard someone yell out my name.  5 year old Lacar was running towards us barefoot with all his might and extremely happy.  He held the ball in one arm and I held the hands of both of the kiddos as we walked down the street to an open field.  We started out with a group of about 7 boys but within a matter of 15 minutes, over 20 kids were watching as the older boys played soccer.  I grabbed the super young kids and started to teach them how to “make rain” with their hands and had the rest of the kids playing “Sandi Says”, over-under with the ball, and a couple of other simple games.  It was sweet.  Since I live in a compound directly across the street from the field, all the kids were screaming Sandi as I left.  Today, I hope to have another game time with them 🙂

An even more exciting new thing is that I am now on the PGA school time table to teach Interpersonal Relationships/Life skills!!!!  I’ve been working on the syllabus and information for months now and I am soooo happy that it is finally coming together.  I’ll be doing an initial class at the beginning of the week with 3 peer educators from each class, for a total of 15,  and then have them help facilitate 5 classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Finally.

Tea Time (tea, songs, sharing, supporting each other) at my house with about 15 female FRO students that I built relationships with will have to wait a little bit but that should be coming together soon as well.  Also hoping to possibly start a Wednesday night youth group.  Hoping to get more involved with teaching how to make reusable pads to keep more young girls in school.  It’s a good day 🙂


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