This is Jonathan.  He is around 2 years old and his mother, Judith, is in Senior 3.  During the Prefect handover ceremony, he enjoyed drinking Mirinda Fruity… which is equivalent to liquid pixie sticks.

Students are allowed to keep their babies at the school until they turn 3 at which point they go back to live in the village.  Jonathan and his mother Judith are pretty tight doing such things as sleeping in the same bed and sharing a single plate for meals.  Rather than disturbing his mother during class, he’s able to be cared for by a couple of ladies and go hang out with about 40 other kiddos of students .

Jonathan kept stealing people’s drinks throughout the ceremony.  Juice, water, and milk would be healthier alternatives for a growing little boy yet they  propose higher risks of contamination or might be too expensive to purchase for a mother who is living at a boarding school.  So, mothers give them the safe alternative of soda–  especially on days like this one when drinks are free.

Judith is a good mother.  She’s a leader and a hardworker.  She studies and enjoys traditional dancing.  She loves to run and has good long jump form.  Judith is extremely grateful for being at PGA and wants to go into politics someday.  Next year, she will head off to another school to continue her studies and to become a woman who is better capable of caring and providing for her family.

Jonathan won’t be able to travel with his mother next year.   He has family back in their traditional village who will take care of him.  He is a bright little kid full of energy- Hopefully he will be chosen to be sponsored for childcare that will enrich his learning capabilities.  Let’s hope.



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