Cupa Pi Recycling System



At one point, I thought about making 1.5 liter cupa pi, or water bottles, into bowling pins by putting a small amount of sand in them and then inviting the kids over for a game.  Have them use one of their locally made plastic bag balls to knock them down.  Or, there was the honey idea where women will sell honey in used water bottles- but that takes finding a village group and transportation.

 Well, 8 months and 40+ bottles later, I remembered the days when I lived in the hut and Brian making cars out of water bottles and little Barbara using one as a baby as she wrapped a clothe around her baby bottle and carried the baby on her back.  

 I grabbed a bag with 8 and walked next door where the “lost boys” live.  I handed them out to eager faces and then asked one of their mothers if they would like more.  “These are village kids- they’ll play with anything.”  I said waciro gang, or lets walk to my house, to get more and the boys had never been to my house so they were a little fearful but they eventually got the guts to go. 

These kids were hilarious once they saw the large number of water bottles.  They couldn’t carry enough in their arms, so they began twisting the caps onto the bottles with their shirt or shorts material in between… as they walked, the bottles clunked together and we had a musical parade. 

After reaching their huts, the kids went crazy.  They started using the bottles as if they were an odillo, soccer balls, seeing who could kick them the highest.  The smaller kids sat on the hut verandas watching in amazement.  It was super cute.

What did I learn? 1-children love playing with anything.  2- never again do I want to store that many water bottles in my house.  It was a collection of over 8 months.  I’ve been using a water filter system for a long time now so I don’t buy as many anymore.  I will admit, it was a pretty exciting 3o minutes with the kids though 🙂


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