Some days are better than others…

I want to leave Kampala.  I want to go back to site, say hello to the “lost boys”, talk with the girls and their babies out at the school, and get back into the routine of being in the village.  For the most part, I’ve been really fortunate with my health and feeling fine.  Of course, being in the heat of Pader will leave you tired and lethargic but that is something you learn to live with.  I truly believe that sometimes our bodies will wait until we are on vacation or have the time to relax to decide to get sick.  All Volunteer Conference was last week outside Kampala and I am still in Kampala due to being sick.  Sucks.

September is by far the busiest month I’ve had since going to site.  Between All Volunteer Conference, leading a session on Working in a Post Conflict Area, hosting a volunteer for a week, and attending a week long Post Conflict workshop with PC bigwigs from not only Africa but also Washington DC, right now is not the time to be sick.

 All Volunteer Conference, where 120 Uganda PCV’s gathered to share knowledge and expertise, was awesome and awkward all at the same time.  Each of the four groups came together to hang out and lead sessions that were directly related to what we are doing at our sites.  A couple of my favorites were an education session which I’ll be able to apply to the classroom.  Having been an education major for only a semester at IWU, it was great to see what has worked for the teachers here and their tricks of the trade.  I did notice though that what I do in class was somewhat along the lines of what they were talking about which was encouraging.   I also enjoyed the “Life After Peace Corps” session.  A few former Peace Corps Volunteers from the embassy, USAID, other NGO’s around Kampala talked about their experiences and how it lead them to their positions in Uganda.  Still have a year until we COS so who knows what the plan will be exactly then.  Peace Corps had the new training group come in for lunch one day… as if seeing 120 white people in one place wasn’t overwhelming, adding another 48 was even slightly more nerve racking.  In the 40 minutes we all sat down together to eat, they seemed like a pretty good group. 

On Monday, I’ll see them again when I co-lead a session on working in a post conflict area.  Sometimes when I get sick, the cough gets ridiculous and then I have a quiet and raspy voice which his been called “the phone sex voice”… which has been used for innocent prank calls at times.  Nothing dirty, I promise.  Well, hopefully I’ll have somewhat of a voice on Monday when I go in.  It’s interesting researching the depth of Uganda conflicts and trying to figure out what we can squeeze into our time slot. 

So, I’ll travel 8 hours back to Pader this Wednesday, spend a few days there, and travel 9-10 hours to Wakiso on Sunday, then another 5 or so hours to Gulu with a trainee on Tuesday.  For like 4 nights, a trainee and I will be hanging out so they can see a little bit about the life of Peace Corps Volunteer first hand.  We’ll stop in Gulu for the day and visit Invisible Children, WorldVision, Watoto HIV/AIDS center, or wherever the person is interested in checking out.  Then, Wednesday it’s back to Pader.  Good stuff will happen. 

K, my internet time is out.  You can only sit for oh so long at Mokka Terrace and use their free internet.  I’m tired and I need to sleep.  There’s a really poor update of life so far this September.  Alrighty… later duders…


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