Gulu Green and Clean

Awhile back ago, my RPCV friend Daneen and I put our muscles to work in Gulu during their initiative to make Gulu Green and Clean.  Here are few photos…

I remember using clothe gloves, shovels, and plastic garbage bags last time I did a clean-up in the states… here, we use twigs in the shape of a broom.

Like in the states, gather everything in a common pile…

But these piles were extremely nasty.  People would use sticks and broken shovels to clean out the gutters.  All these men that worked at the bicycle shop watched us in amazement and humor for about 15 minutes and then they actually decided to help 🙂

Eh, who knows how long it will take for the gutters to fill back up.  Having people ask what we were doing, why, and how often the city-wide cleanups would be was pretty cool.  The Green and Clean campaign was launched by the city gov and hopefully they will do some preventative work such as trash cans and community awareness of the benefits of having a clean city for health reasons and a green city for community ownership reasons.


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