Camp GLOW Nominee– Josephine

Peace Corps is anticipating its first ever Camp GLOW this December.  Female students ages 13-15 will attend the week-long camp the week after this term is finished.  The ladies at PGA were quite excited and I had over 30 interested.   Well, I could only nominate 5 students so we had an essay contest to see who the lucky ladies would be. 

I would like to present to you one of the finalist…

Josephine, 15

If I become a village head woman in my community…

I will carry out counseling and guidance in case of domestic violence among women and men in their families.  I will make sure that there is peace among people in the villagers by encouraging people in prayers and how to obey God.  I will encourage people to help the disable people by showing good examples to them that is by helping orphans, vulnerable people and doing any other charity work to those kind of people.

To be a good citizen…

I must be born in that country and accept the rules of that country and any work assigned upon me to do in that country.  I must do it to show that I am a citizen of that country and not only that I must carry out activities which is in the country such as sports, education, and carry out charitable work if that country do it and I must respect the authority of that country as a child of that country.

If I had a younger sister, I would advise her…

To be a successful woman in the future and that she should study until she gets grown up to the adolescent stage.  She should keep herself well and she should not accept any boy to deceive her because those boys deceive and they only want to ruin her future.  She should not accept them that is the small advice which I would give her.

I want to attend Camp GLOW…

Because I want to learn the activities that they are going to teach us like health education, life skills, career goals, sports, creative arts, and Ugandan women in leadership roles so that I come and teach my fellow students what I learned from Camp GLOW.


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