Camp GLOW Nominee– Brenda

Brenda, 15

If I were to make 3 changes in my community as a village head woman…

I would carry out charitable work to help the needy and disabled people like grandparents, sick people and lame people because they do not have courage and energy to do work.  I would also carry out counseling as the head woman in case there would be domestic violence in a home because some parents are drunkards and may adapt their children so they need counseling to be well.  I would also carry out community work to avoid health problems by speaking to the community to carry out cleanliness in the environment is dirty may cause diseases to the young and old persons.

I try to be a good citizen…

By caring for our country and not accepting those who also carry out corruption in the country because there are those who should be monitored because they can cause harm to the country and I should help the community and carry out work needed by the community and from the country’s authority helping the needy carrying out Sports and Education to show that I am a good citizen and I love the country.

If I had a younger sister, I would advise her…

The first advice I would give to that little sister of mine is that I will tell her to handle education as the friend and husband to become a successful woman in Uganda.  I will tell her that she should not let the boys of this world to deceive her with bad ideas and not being with bad peer groups like prostitutes, those who smoke and drink alcohol.

I want to attend Camp GLOW…

To know the activities I am supposed to do as a girl in Uganda.  I also want to attend to focus on empowerment activities like health education, life skills, and career goals.  I want to attend Camp GLOW because it makes me happy because of sports and teaches us on how to role or lead in future as a girl in Uganda.


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