Camp GLOW Nominee– Lillian

Lillian, 14

If I were to make 3 changes in my community as a village head woman…

I would bring change in promoting children rights.  This is because children in village are suffering from child abuse like rape, defilement and domestic violence so if I become a woman head in an area I will try all my level best to promote children rights.  I will bring change in stopping or reducing the level of alcohol drinking or taking I will do this by teaching the people in that area about the disadvantages of alcohol hence promoting child’s education.  This is because in the society where people gathered drink alcohol, they never keep money for paying school fees for their children.  I will also bring change in promoting girls child education by teaching the girls about the importance of being educated and on the effects of pregnancy and abortion.

I want to attend Camp GLOW…

Because I want to acquire skills and knowledge of certain things that they are going to teach us.  I am also interested to attend Camp GLOW because I want to know some place where the camp will be held which I have never reached.  I am interested to attend this camp because they are going to teach us about certain things so the knowledge I will acquire, I will use when I come back and teach the students who did not go there with me.


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