Maleng Designs…

Something good is happening.  Something very, very good.  It’s been a long process with lots of waiting and learning and figuring things out but it is finally happening. 

Pader Girls Academy is starting Maleng Designs.

Excitement is growing at the school.  I sat with the business teacher, art teacher, senior 1 teacher, our restaurant manager, and shared with them our vision.  We want this to be professional.  We want this to improve the wellbeing and education of our girls as well as their children.  We want to employ former students and advanced current students who we know will do quality product work.  We want to be a sustainable school where we aren’t donor dependent.  We want to create quality handbag designs and other handmade goods that people are proud of making and other people are proud of supporting by purchasing.

Maleng-Luo for beautiful. Beautiful Designs.

It is still in the infancy stage but it is shaping up quickly.

Every now and then, there is this overwhelming excitement where high fives are appropriate.  Brenda and I did a “quick” trip to Kampala over the weekend to buy fabric and materials.  Today, I shared with Brenda the display case I drew up at 10pm last night, the colored strings I had grabbed from the PC free box 8 months ago because I thought they might become useful someday (which is now), the idea of partnering with a local Community Based Organization that makes recycled paper which could be used for bag tags… you could feel the excitement in the room.

I will admit, the last couple of months have been challenging.  Many times in the Peace Corps experience, there are many failed attempts and much trial and error.  It can be a challenge to find people who really want to work with you and who are motivated to follow through with something.

While sitting in the little room sharing with Brenda, she became overly excited.  “Where have you been all this time?” “I never knew I could make these things but with  support I’m realizing what I am capable of”  These words are golden.  Brenda has great potential and the motivation to make it happen.

Maleng Designs. Something good is happening…


One thought on “Maleng Designs…

  1. Mom says:

    Praise God! It is so awesome when you see Him working to meet needs before you even know you have them. Your creativity and imagination are so wonderful. My your work continue to be blessed!

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