God is seeking to “interrupt” your life and reveal to you a journey that will set everything in your world, all of your planets of purpose in orbit.  Sometimes, he will lead us down a path, to a job, into a life of someone or someone into our life – and the pause in the time we so loosely label an “interruption” actually changes everything. And to those attuned to recognize it and who have the understanding to interpret, it is the combustible element that activates the great love of God, he is trying so desperately to show.

Damon S. Davis, CEO of Legacy Group Global

“Journey to the Heart of Darkness”

Usually, we hope that these “interruptions” are positive making us do a little jig.  I like those kinds.  Occasionally, that isn’t the case though and they make us rather puzzled and quiet.  We question why the “interruption” had to occur and how on earth it could play a part in the purpose of our lives.  But it can and does.

When we are filled with excitement about life and all the jigsaw pieces seem to fit, sometimes there comes an “interruption” that turns our world upside down making it seem broken and impossible to put back together.  Heck, sometimes different unrelated “interruptions” occur at the same time and we really start to wonder what is going on.

Sometimes it’s a Godsend joyous path and sometimes it’s our own stupidity mixed with bad company down a path we later wish we’d avoided.

Either way, God wants to wrap us in his love whether we are laughing or crying, or a little of both at the same time.  He knows we will make it even when we are tired.  If we trust him from the bottom of our hearts and stop trying to figure everything out with our simple minds, then we are able to sit back and see what God is able to do through us.

Oh, life…

I’ve decided PC sends Africa volunteers to DC for a few reasons: 1-Joint or specialized physical reasons. 2- Wacky vacs for those who go crazy on Mefloquine. OR  3- If something really, really bad happens and they need to take you out of a certain environment for awhile.

To say the least, there was quite the “interruption” in my life back in November.  Not a good one either—  pretty serious actually with many parties involved.  One that has turned out to be super complex and confusing.  One that I can’t even say the details to my mother.  (Sorry mom.  I know you love me and am thankful for your prayers.  Someday when this is all resolved, I promise to be honest and explain.)

Somehow, I have to believe this is in God’s plan of purpose for my life.  I have to recognize the fact that I have chosen a life not of complacency and there are certain… certain… joys and surprises yet also challenges and hardships.  The last couple of years living overseas have seemed to be in extremes.  I’m very thankful for the good times and pray extra hard during the others, like now.

I may not fully understand the meaning or the purpose right away of this “interruption”, but in due time it will all play out.  Already, I can see where good will happen and how this has changed my outlook of life in an almost positive manner.  What I have experienced and learned will not only propel God’s purpose for my life but will also help others worldwide.  Seriously.  Wait and see.

I can’t tell details.  There is way too much going on right now that needs to be resolved first.  For those who might be worried, don’t be.  I have a great professional team who is doing quality work and I am getting needed support.

What I can say is that if you are the praying type; please pray for God’s wisdom for all who are involved and justice to be done.  If you aren’t really the praying type, if you could please send some happy thoughts this way and be extra kind to someone near you today, I would very much appreciate it.

The next couple of weeks are very crucial.  It’s an exciting time yet scary like Giardia poo.

God has definitely put me on an interesting journey.  Soon enough, I’ll be doing a happy little jig and all will be on its way to… to… I would say normality but my life is anywhere but there.  I’m praying for an awesome “interruption” that will change my life in a positive intense way.  *Crossing my fingers*

In the meantime, I put trust from the deepest parts of my heart in God and his ability to understand the complexities my simple mind can’t.  It’s definitely not easy, but a life worth living never is…


2 thoughts on “Interruption

  1. Lorissa says:

    My Dear Sandi-
    You are a brave young woman. You never cease to amaze me and make me proud. I know life has dealt you some serious blows, but you always pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and stand up for whatever life brings you next. I truly believe that what you are doing will change the face of this world. There are very few people who can say that. We may change our little world, but not the world as a whole. Keep fighting mighty warrior. Your rewards will be great here on earth and in heaven. Our Father is smiling down on you. So am I. I hurt for you as well, but I know it has and will continue to make you stronger. I can’t wait to hear the whole story and do a jig with you and give thanks for the amazing things God has accomplished in and through you. We’re still praying and you’re not forgotten and we look forward to seeing your beautiful face again soon. Much love!
    Lorissa & family

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