Perverted Personal Gratification

Craigslist, now backpage.  If one is shut down who knows what site will next help facilitate human trafficking and sexual slavery.

Websites like backpage helps this business to flourish in plain site but the issue at hand is much deeper and complex than a website.

Where there is a demand, the business men in the field will always find a way to get advertisements for lucrative services to the public.  The fact that they are exploiting human beings means little.

As a society we need to make purchasing sex from underage/coerced/forced individuals culturally unacceptable and let all parties involved know this clearly.

Laws need to be enforced harshly on the suppliers and the buyers.  Legal prosecution costs needs to outweigh the monetary and personal benefits of those exploiting others.  Consistent and reliable forces are vital

Maybe then we will see a reduction in the violation of basic human rights of individuals for perverted personal gratification.

Alta Communications and Brynwood Partners: Stop Financing Child Sex Trafficking


2 thoughts on “Perverted Personal Gratification

  1. MK says:

    Hello, I am a fellow PCV and was raped while serving in the Peace Corps. My story and cirumstances are diffrent but I admire your courage to come forward and how you are coping with all of this. While I can never understand all that you have been through I understand what it is like to have your story and name put in the media. I am serving in Peru and the press had put details of my police report and legal name in the papers and TV. I am sorry your story was told this way but I am glad you have found a way to tell it yourself and to help other PCVs and surviors of rape. THANK YOU!

    • Thank You, MK, for your service as well!

      Media restrictions in countries we serve do not have the same standards of privacy as in America. I really hope that the article did not make it online or that your name is spelled wrong so it isn’t searchable. If it is online, there are possibly ways to fix that.

      We can’t control what has already happened but I do feel that we should have a say on how our story is told if we are identified with it, the timing depending on how comfortable we are with sharing, and with whom. The more I have been open with people with what happened, the more others have opened to me. In unity, we are able to give each other support and are given support in return.

      If you are ever in the DC area, we should get coffee and share stories of resilience and strength 🙂


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