Maine-ly for Me

Maine-ly for You

November 6th, 2010, a man chose to betray my trust and turn a consensual interaction into an illegal engagement while I was serving with Peace Corps and he was on military deployment in Uganda.

November 6th, 2011, I boarded a plane for the final trip from Uganda to the States to testify against him in a General Court Martial.  After I had landed, a young woman contacted the prosecutor with an eerily similar story of rape by him 3 years prior while he was stationed in the states.  Because of the new development, a legal issue with the judge that went to the Appellate court, the trial was delayed a few more times before the actual trial where he was acquitted of 6 charges including 2 counts of forcible rape and sexual assault.

The first full week of November has been difficult to say the least.

November 2012 and forward, I refuse to let the memories of the past overcome my ability of seeing beauty in life.  Each year, I will go somewhere stunning, open, and let my spirit be free.  I will surround myself with good people and I will create new memories of happiness and joy.

This years destination?


Maine-ly for Me.


2 thoughts on “Maine-ly for Me

  1. I’m sorry. really so sorry. your’e a madly attractive lady. I get the being raped. I have been. three times. I am 41. I can absolutely say that there is not one time of me being raped that it was in any way ambiguous. there is no ambiguity to “no, I don’t want to do this. stop” I told my son to please not go do peacecorp, just because this. meh. we all survive. good thing we ain’t all vengeful.

    • Jen- We are not alone. The majority of men who have chosen to rape young girls I’ve worked with and friends and family I personally know were an acquaintance, friend, or relative, betraying their trust using force, coercion, threat, or complete disrespect for another human being for selfish desires. We need a culture that does not tolerate violence against anyone, especially women.

      You as a mother have the great opportunity to raise your son into a good man who respects women and treats them with dignity. I encourage you to check out the organization Men Can Stop Rape and to share it with your son.

      I truly appreciate and value my Peace Corps experience and am extremely glad I finished my service. We need strong men to become Peace Corps Volunteers, to be examples of how a good man behaves to host country nationals as well as other expats, and to intervene on behalf of female volunteers in times of crisis.

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