$15,000 – January 15 – One Life Saving Operation Needed


A couple of months, that’s it.  A man that has spent years supporting Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda.  If you have a safety concern, you go to him.  If you are the victim of a crime, he helps you navigate the reporting process and so much more.

Fred was my strength when I didn’t have any.  While waiting to speak to an investigator at the police station after being a victim of a serious crime, he took care of all the logistics and helped me feel at peace.  I could not have gotten through that place in my life without his professional and compassionate guidance and support.

A looming threat of death due to hilar cholangiocarcinoma, an aggressive form of cancer.  I wish I could be his strength but I can’t.  I wish I could be there physically to help his wife take care of their 4 kids but an ocean separates us.

His life can be saved by an operation but the situation is complicated.  The particular surgery that Fred needs can’t be performed in Uganda or neighboring Kenya so he must fly to India for the operation.  Although this will save his life, his insurance will not cover the costs of a surgery that takes place in another country.

$3,000 by December 31st for travel to India, $12,000 by January 15th to help cover the medical costs.  

I hate that as I’m writing this, I’m thinking how $15,000 is what determines if Fred lives or dies.  Reality is that timing is of the essence.  If funds are raised quickly, they will go towards the surgery and his recovery.  If the full amount can’t be raised in time to save his life, funds raised will go to his surviving wife and children.  I choose life.

Please join me to save a life.

Join me because rarely are we given the chance to give back to the individuals who support us.  Our financial support is a tangible way to do so to a man who has not only supported me but also other Peace Corps Volunteers who have been victims of crime. On top of his regular work load, Fred is one of the few designated staff at post which support sexual assault victims that choose restricted reporting.

Join me because we have the opportunity to show someone we value their work and we want to see them live another day.  Formerly, he worked with the American embassy RSO. He has told me stories of his work in Rwanda during the genocide.  He has helped the expat community as well as his own community.  He is dedicated to serving others and I wish his health was better.

Join me because we should take care of our fellow man. I am also asking my extended network that are also heavily committed to philanthropy and volunteerism to also consider a gift. The gift will go directly to a trusted source, the Peace Corps Federal Employee Assistance Fund and is tax deductible.

I, Sandi Giver, choose to donate $200 towards saving Fred’s life.

What do you choose?

If you would like to join me in saving Fred’s life, please follow the directions below:

Fred Kiyingi is eligible to receive support through the Peace Corps Emergency Relief Fund.

Please note, if you choose to support Fred Kiyingi, select the Peace Corps  from the Agency drop down menu and specify that the donation is for Fred Kiyingi in the In Honor /Memory Of field to make sure your donation goes to him and not to the Peace Corps Emergency Relief general fund. All comments will be sent to Fred so make him smile! Everyone can donate- you don’t have to be a federal employee.

To get updates on our status supporting Fred, please join  www.facebook.com/howtosavefredslife  Facebook page.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, in advance for your support.


2 thoughts on “$15,000 – January 15 – One Life Saving Operation Needed

  1. Lizz Mueller says:

    Thank you Sani!
    Fight on Fred! One fighter to another…you can make it friend! 🙂 I’m sending all my love and support to you and your family! I will be making a sizable donation in the next few weeks. Everyone who has been blesses enough to know Fred needs to donate what they can. I don’t speak about my own experience that much, but Wht I will say is: Fred believed me when no one else would. And for that, I am forever grateful and will support him and his family in any way I can! If I could hop in a plane and be there to help take care of his children and comfort his wife tomorrow, I would. If he asks me to…I will. Because every PCV-Uganda person knows he’d do the same for them…

  2. Erisa says:

    I hv seen fred for more than 3 years bt wat i can say abt him is that ‘he is a simple and flexible man’ he has taught me security techiniques and hw to be vigillant during duty time… Its nw time to join hands to save at life coz we are all not ready to say bye and send condolence messages. The best gift to life is to add life

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