Coming Together for Our Peace Corps Family

I have always felt appreciative of my Peace Corps family but not until recently have I seen or understood quite the power and support we provide each other.  Somehow, between having a man who is well loved and respected, combined with an official email sent to PC Global and reaching out to our friends at the State Department, and making the story personal while using social media, we raised over $15,000 in a matter of 10 days!

  • On Monday, 2 December, Peace Corps became aware of the life-threatening health and financial crisis facing Fred Kiyingi, the SSC at Peace Corps Uganda.
  • With coordination between post, PC HQ and, PC was able to establish a special fund through FEEA to raise money for Fred.  The fund went “live” on Friday, 6 December.
  • On Saturday, 7 December, a special blog post and a Facebook page for updates were created to spread the word and immediately personal stories from Uganda RPCVs started flowing in about how Fred helped them and how Fred would help save their lives if the situation was reversed.  “Friends of Fred: Saving a Life One Person” got over 1,000 views by  Monday.
  • On Monday, 9 December, an email was sent to Peace Corps Global informing everyone of Fred’s need and providing information on how to support him through FEEA.
  • By Wednesday, 11 December, nearly $10,000 had been raised through FEEA.  In 5 days, this effort exceeded the largest amount previously raised through FEEA for a single Peace Corps individual.
  • Posters were created and placed throughout PC HQ.  Our friends at the State Department called to action their contacts to support Fred.
  • We spread the word and people acted out of the kindness of their hearts.

Although we made the first hurdle with the funds, Fred’s battle with sickness isn’t over.  He successfully went to India where the doctors tested him further, but his results were not good.  The doctors determined he needs a liver transplant and just recently Fred found a living matching donor which they would be able to use part of his liver for the transplant.

We were able to raise $15,000 in 10 days to help save Fred’s life which was mind blowing and amazing.  Unfortunately, life-threatening health conditions are  sometimes even more serious and detrimental with new tests and findings.

We came together once- can we do it again?

Can we raise $45,000-$60,000 depending on which hospital in India he needs to go to and the doctors final decision?

Do we know of any doctors or hospitals that would be willing to help?  What would this look like?

If we think big, how can we come together to help save the life of Fred, our Peace Corps family member?


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