Peace Corps: Defining Moments

Check out the Defining Moments video on youtube!

Peace Corps asked Volunteers and RPCVs to share “defining moments” from their Peace Corps Service. Although I did not submit any photos, I volunteered with the Defining Moments video team and am the first person with the red shirt which is pretty sweet.  Since I didn’t actually take the photo of the children running, I’ve decided to share a few defining photos from my service in Uganda.

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One of Us: Book Intro

One of Us: Book Cover by Erika Bilbo

Sexual exploitation knows no bounds. Its injustices do not happen to specific people, committed by one type of assailant, with precise variables leading to the same crime.  Sexual predators may use a demeanor that gets them close to their victims that goes unnoticed by others.  Individuals we would never label by their appearance traumatize our friends and members of our families.   While a few of these perpetrators are being held accountable, the majority are not.  This is not a women’s issue that only affects females. Men have also come forward with stories of abuse.  The impact of sexual assault goes beyond the primary victim to impact those around them.   This is a human rights violation that we have the power to stop.
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Struggling with Justice

Below is a chapter from my book  “One of Us: Sex, violence, injustice. Resilience, love, hope.”

Day 272 since the incident: Friday, August 5, 2011

Pader, Northern Uganda

On Friday, August 5th, I walked 15 minutes to the school to see the Senior 4 students.  The majority of them stay in two side by side dorm rooms.  I went inside the first and the girls happily greeted me.  We talked about them sitting for exams next term and when they would go home for holiday.

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Angels on Earth – Peace Corps


Angels on Earth – Peace Corps

There are still Angels on the Earth. Anyone who wants to meet them needs to go to Peace Corps. All Peace Corps Staff at Post and Global and “my Super Volunteers” made me stronger and stronger every day by being so concerned and showing care and love by contributing and giving anything that they had to save my life.  Also, I do extend my thanks to friends, brothers and sisters for all your generous contributions toward saving my life. The James Bond will come back alive. Peace Corps –“Yes We Can”.

Thank you so much for the great job done.