Thank You Veterans who have Served with Dignity!

Truth and Justice Summit 2012

In May 2011, I volunteered with Service Women Action Network during their Truth and Justice Summit. While waiting to speak to a Senator, one of their staffers asked which branch each person served in. Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, and then they got to me.

“I just served in the Peace Corps,” I said.

“Sandi, you say that as if it doesn’t mean something! You are one of us!” said one of the Veterans.

As Peace Corps Volunteers, we swear the same oath as the military. We serve our country in different ways and I’m very thankful for our Veterans who have served our country with dignity. Shout out to my dad, DavidandShirley Giver, who served in the Air Force and brother, Frank Giver, who served in the Marines.

(btw- that conversation inspired the name of my book “One of Us: Sex, violence, injustice. ┬áResilience, love, hope.”